I used the work of:

R2-D2 mesh, by Harry H. Chang, doctor_harry@hotmail.com

"Millenium Falcon" Corellian YT-1300 Transport mesh,
by Iven Connary, iven@swma.net

Han Solo, Leia (slave garments) mesh, by Teague Schultz,
Schultz_D@popmail.firn.edu, BODO-BAAS@JUNO.COM

Han Solo's Blaster mesh, by Geoff Holman, dholman@awinc.com

C-3PO mesh, by Matt "Grand Admiral Stone" Hunt, d_harhan@hotmail.com

Luke Skywalker (ANH outfit) mesh, by Nick Pappas, pappas5@airmail.net

Hoth Soldier mesh, by Tom Sehenuk, tsehenuk@4mc.com

Jedi Holocron, Regallis Engineering FastTurn-3 Hydrospanner mesh,
by Lee Morrisroe, podman@btinternet.com

Cargo box mesh, by Tom Grays, tomgrays@molly.vabo.cz

Bat wings skeleton (Devil Props) mesh, by Benigno "Virus" Fernández Aarón,
fersa@data.net.mx, http://www.gwz.org/highcouncil/Virus/

Tools: bCAD 3.4, Paint Shop Pro 5.

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