3DS Mesh                                                   11 Aug 2003

Imperial TIE Interceptor              (Featured in the STAR WARS trilogy
with pilot                                                by LucasFilm Ltd.)

Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems (SFS)
Weapons: Four SFS L-s9.3 laser cannons
Crew: One pilot
Speed: 125 MGLT, not hyperdrive equipped.

Hello, I have attempted to design a realistic TIE interior and pilot
with fans of the Star Wars films, games, and plastic model kits in
mind. The model is original except for parts of the pilot's body,
which is converted from some Zygote figures I purchased.

The hatches can be posed open. The "Top Hatch latch cover" (HuH175TH)*,
is designed to open before the hatch raises or shuts then
close to cover it's latch well. I guess you could use it
as a hinge if you believe the Top Hatch pivots at the rear.
**Update: (I was wrong, the Top Hatch is hinged at the rear.)

* HuH175TH = Hu-H-175-TH

Hu=Hull (prefix), T_=transparent as glass (opacity).
H=hatch latch cover (part name)
175=color (number (in gray scale)), Cri=crimson, DrG=dark green, etc.
TH=Top Hatch (suffix), BH=Back Hatch, US=Unsmoothed -VERY IMPORTANT!!
Not all parts have suffixes. If the part does NOT have a "_US" or "US"
as a suffix it means that part is smoothed to a 45-89 degree angle.

I regret that the eight-character-type hierarchy (parts
list) is not as clear as it could be. Some programs
truncate the instance names to eight characters. I also
do this for maximum 3ds format compatibility. I hope
the above key helps. I will try to answer your email
questions or critiques.

The instrument panels have separate back panels and front
"glass" so you may remove the gizmo's I came up with and
apply your own with textures and reflection maps.

I hope you find the model interesting. Jim Bassett

Faces: 175930, in 3.77 Mbytes.
Textures: none
Tools: SoftF/X Pro 4.1, Nugraf 2.2j, Paint Shop Pro 5.

by James R. Bassett
JRBassett@msn.com (PayPal)

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