3DS Mesh            Original model: 11 Aug 2003,  Modified: 28 Jan 2017

Imperial TIE Fighter              (Featured in the STAR WARS trilogy
with pilot                                                by LucasFilm Ltd.)

Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems (SFS)
Weapons: Two SFS L-s1 laser cannons
Crew: One pilot
Speed: 100 MGLT

Hello, I have attempted to design a realistic TIE interior and pilot
with fans of the Star Wars films, games, and plastic model kits in
mind. The model is original except for parts of the pilot's body
which is converted from some Zygote figures I purchased.

The hatches can be posed open.
The mesh should be smoothed to between 40 and 59 degrees.
The instrument panels have separate back panels and front
"glass" so you may remove the gizmo's I came up with and
apply your own with textures and reflection maps.

I hope you find the model interesting. Jim Bassett

Faces: 164461 in 3.51 MBytes.
Textures: none
Tools: SoftF/X Pro 4.1, Nugraf 2.2j, Paint Shop Pro 5.

by James R. Bassett

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